Planning Meeting minutes

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

KAAC, 5941 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60659


Attendance: Billy Huh, Katherine Lee, Jelly Carandang, Anita Chugh, Cynthai Park, Mimi Runo, Leonard Loui, Mon Lourdes, Tran Phuc, Hieu Ng, Paul Park, Mago Raj, Roosy Miller, John Miller, Nancy Kim, Saini Moh, C.W. Chan, Sadruddin Noorani, Marie Nguyen, Vallapa Kongsri, Poxie Xumsai, Martino Tangkar, Omair Siraj, Rashid Chawdary, Shahid Tahir, Moon Lim, Linda Wang, Kay Rho and Alice Cha.


Kay Rho, Chairperson, called meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.


1.       WELCOME



a.       Shahid Tahir motioned for minutes to be approved.  Lourdes Mon seconded.  Minutes are approved

b.       Review of important documents.

                                                   i.      Committee Sign-up form

                                                 ii.      Timeline/Calendar of Events

                                                iii.      Sponsorship Packet and Advertising Insertion Form

                                                iv.      Award Nomination Packet



a.       Decoration – Hyung Chong & Young Han

                                                   i.      Nothing to report

b.       Political Forum – Cynthia Park

                                                   i.      Mago Raj and Arthur Diley will help Cynthia Park.

                                                 ii.      More updates to come at the next meeting.

c.       Program

                                                   i.      List of candidates for Keynote Speaker

1.       Daniel Dae Kim and Yujin Kim (from ABC Lost)

2.       Shin Ae Chun (Federal Dept. of Labor, also a founding member of AACC)

3.       Harold Koh (Yale Law School Dean)

4.       John Cho (actor)

5.       Bobby Lee (comedian)

                                                 ii.      There were suggestions that people are not interested in entertainers/actors., but rather those who are inspiring.  At the same time, it was concluded that rather than the person (or what he/she does), the content of the speech is more important.

d.       Volunteer & Hospitality – Nancy Kim

                                                   i.      Please let Nancy know if there is anyone who may be interested in volunteering or if there are any recommendations for her to follow up with.

                                                 ii.      If there are any food preferences or dietary restrictions that need to be taken into account please let Nancy know.

e.       Outreach – Billy Huh

                                                   i.      Well be using Constant Contacts to send out frequent e-mails.  Please send your database of e-mails to Billy.  He will include them in the mailing list and will only use it for this event.

                                                 ii.      Please let Billy know if there are any opportunities for presentations for this event at other organizations.

                                                iii.      Ads and interviews with ethnic media will be under way soon.

f.         Exhibits – Sang Hoon Shin

                                                   i.      There will be about 20 tables at the exhibit.  There are ideas to incorporate booths from sponsors, cultural booths, and merchandise vendors

                                                 ii.      We were thinking about $300 per booth.  Some have voiced that the cost was too high.

                                                iii.      The decision will be made by the Korean American community.  Thank you for the input.

g.       Media – Irene Cualoping

                                                   i.      Irene is planning to send out letters to celebrity emcees.

                                                 ii.      Press release will be sent out this week.

1.       Ticket sales/sponsorships/volunteers

2.       Keynote speaker and major programming

3.       Program lineup

4.       48 hours before, line-up will be released to major

                                                iii.      Major media there are about 3-4 tables, but 1-2 are compensated.

                                                iv.      As for community media, traditionally, each community does their own media coverage.  We will follow the tradition.

                                                  v.      Looking for people to join the committee.

h.       Tickets – Linda Wang

                                                   i.      First row of tables will be marked

i.         Publications – Katherine Lee

                                                   i.      Tickets have been printed and are available tonight.

                                                 ii.      Projected deadlines:

1.       Letters from dignitaries – 11/21

2.       Content gathering – 11/28

3.       Final storyboard design – 12/5

4.       Finalize content.  ALL PUBLICATION DUE – 12/12

5.       Review – 12/18

6.       Send to publisher – 1/2

7.       Program ready for distribution – 1/13

j.         Sponsorship – Cynthia Park & Monica Lee

                                                   i.      Received a list of sponsors from the Chinese American community.  We will be contacting them in the coming weeks.

                                                 ii.      Please let Cynthia know if there are any sponsors who are interested.

                                                iii.      CASL had a spreadsheet of sponsors from previous years.  While we do have names, we dont contact information.

k.       Technology – Tim Ahn

                                                   i.      Website has been updated.

We are looking for any website designer or content developer.

1.       Jelly will help content.

l.         VIP – Susan Shin

                                                   i.      Nothing to report

m.     Awards – Paul Park

                                                   i.      Working on Grand and Ping Tom Award

                                                 ii.      Communities need to submit nominees by Nov. 21


4.       Announcements

a.       No annoucements


5.       Ticket Sales

a.       Will be conducted by Linda after the meeting.


6.       Adjournment

a.       Next meeting will Tuesday, November 11 at 6:30 at KAAC.

b.       Kay Rho adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.